February 10, 2009

This is my third post for tonight since I am playing catch up. I'm in the bedroom on the laptop and also watching some tv. Who knows how my line-up tonight ended up like this...but I started with this:

and now I am watching this:


I digress...I've been in our room for nearly 2 hours, and Steven hasn't come to see if I'm still awake or what I am doing. He is totally consumed...totally.

3 letters





Phillip & Kristin got us hooked and we aren't the only ones. Yes, that is Ninnie and Papa James playing tennis. Ninnie let it slip last time she was here that she had seen one on ebay for about $300. Really? Looking on ebay for a wii, are we? That would be totally cool!

When they say the wii is "fun for the entire family," it really is! From Ninnie to Brynlee, it's fun for everyone!

She would put her arm on mine and we would bowl together, but the best part was when Steven held both remotes and would bowl his blue ball and then also bowl Brynlee's pink ball ("pink becuase pink my favorite color. not blue. blue your favorite color") She would hold onto my arm and swing the nunchunk and got so excited when her ball would knock down pins!

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