February 11, 2008

Ah, a blog. I've found many blogs online of random people and always thought that it was a neat idea, and a great way to keep up with others. Well, I've decided to take the plunge. So this is the official "We Are Forever Young" blog. How did I come up with the title? When I got married nearly 3 years ago (holy cow-3 years ago,) my Nana had a hard time remembering what my last name would be. I told her that I would be Young forever--and it stuck! Since this blog is not just about me, but about us as a family, I found it fitting that "We Are Forever Young!"

What do I write in my first post? I don't believe there is a rulebook to blogging so I guess I'll begin with an update. Brynlee is 17 months old on Friday! She has two modes-ON and OFF. Yes, it is that simple, and there is no between. This evening she spent the night running around the apartment with her Daddy. She loves playing chase, and giggles the whole time. I always find myself remembering how I loved her as a baby and didn't want to see her get older, but it is so bittersweet! Before I ruin my first blog by rambling, I think I'll end with some recent pictures: