August 15, 2009

Dear End of Summer:
Why are you here so quickly? I'm not even in school, and we don't have school aged children, but you have come way too quickly. Maybe it was all my time spent in school that makes the same certain 3 months of the year stand out as sun, fun, flip flops, and a cold one or two. Next time, please stay a little longer. I think you will make everyone in this household happier.


PS: We did find a way to cram alot in the past few months. Here's a quick recap.

We made our first trip to Sea World and of course, had to stop to ride the train in Landa Park in New Braunfels. All Aboard!

7th row to see Broadway's Across America Mamma Mia with my Mom...
what a show! We were singing and dancing in the aisles when it ended!

I got a new car and love it! But it has a temp on the nav screen and it said three-digit temps for over 50 days this summer! Heck!

Steven and I were able to attend a fantastic wedding in beautiful Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. Congrats Lacy and Brian! We made memories that week to last a lifetime!

Brynlee attended her first musical! She says she wants to sing and dance on a stage when she gets older like Dora! Watch out--- I believe it!

We've managed to squeeze in time to see some old friends, too!

Steven completed his first TRIATHOLON! He finished in the top 30% of the Jack's Generic Tri! Great job, babe! Brynlee and I are so proud!

he didn't finish alone. Kristin, Megan, and Scott also competed with him. I have to say they inspired me, and I plan to do it next year!

We felt the need for a quick getaway so we headed to Sea World again, but this time we stayed at the same hotel as the Dallas Cowboys for their training camp. Steven was happy! Below is Brynlee's AFTER picture ;)

This is how my Sundays are spent best, summer must you really be over?

We can't end it without a bang! Steven is going to Vegas in a few days to meet up with some friends. Steven and I have tickets to Wicked on August 25th on ROW A... then we are off to South Padre for 6 nights and back in time for my 10 year high school reunion. Only to follow it with Brynlee's THIRD birthday on September 15th. It can't be so!

Hope you enjoyed our WHIRLWIND of a summer! We sure have!

May 23, 2009

How did I possibly forget this?

As most of you know, I moved offices and started managing A+ Apartment Locators last July. While it has been has been alot of fun! It was difficult at first getting a full office and now that we have one we kick butt!!! Literally! We were the #1 office in our company last month, and in honor of that acheivemment, I took my entire office to PF Changs to celebrate! Way to go guys! I a so honored to work with such an amazing group of salespeople!

Blog Overload..but it's about time!

We are heading southbound 35 in a few days to take the little Miss to Sea World and spend a few days away! Her Papa Bill is coming to see her tomorrow and she is SOOOOO excited! We are too. We think he needs some destressing time!

May was an eventful month! May 12th is a pretty great guy's birthday! This year he turned 25! And I waslucky enough to get to share my real birthday with his birthday party! SURPRISE!
Now, it is another great little guy's birthday TOO! Noah Benjamen Seago was born at 12:54 and wweighed 8 lbs! His big sister is such a big helper! She even helped change his first diaper. I was so grateful that we live closer! Last time we had our babies, neither one of got to meet them till they were days/months old! We said that if we were closer next time we would not let that be the case! I was able to visit Noah when he was about 3 hours old and hold him too! Congratulations Seagos! We love all FOUR of you!

“I sing for joy at the works of Your hands.” - Psalm 92:4
On May 8th, I turned 28 years old---whoa---and I celebrated my 4th mother's day 2 days later! I haven't really been a mother for 4 years, but in 2006 I knew that I was expecting a baby--and we knew she would be Brynlee Ann. We just didn't know how much powerful personality she delight us with! FOr my birthday and mother's day, I got a FULL day at The Spa at Canyon Oaks! I can. not. wait. I was really excited to give Ninnie her presents too! Brynlee painted a plate and we had it fired and it turned out SO cute! If you remember this video, you will understand why I was so excited. Steven and I gave her 2 tickets to Mamma Mia by Broadway Across America! I can't wait---and I just so happen to be free that night, in case she needs a date. ;)

Back in April we went with some friends on a wine tour! The wineries were beautiful and the company was great! The limo...if that's what you call it was an experience! (We still love you Morgan!) It was a limo Dooly pick up truck...and at times it feel like the back of it was going to fall off. We got a kick out of it though---gave us something to chuckle about. Morgan thought it was "niiiice. cause i'm from paris ya'll."

April 28, 2009

I have been horrible about posting. It's truly a time really, let me explain why. You see I have been totally captured by another blog reader and her family's story. She is truly an amazing woman, and her walk with Christ is even more amazing. I have found that sometimes I feel like I learn more from her than I do in "big church." In otherwords, any of my free time is spent reading her blogs and tweets and not updating my own. Once you visit her blog, you will understand why.
I have wept from reading her blog. I have laughed from reading her bolg. But PRAISE GOD! Stellan is home...

March 15, 2009

I actually just saw my blog listed under "blogs i read" on someone else's fact, I was Blog stalking Cayce and saw it listed. Under the "We Are Forever Young" title, it read: "4 weeks ago." Wow, it has really been forever since I posted. For those of you who tune in regularly, anxiously awaiting another blog post, I truly apoligze. hehehe

We just arrived bag from Vegas, and Scott and Megan got married a month ago, and...actually pics will be easier. Vegas was SUPER fun, but we certainly didn't come back with more than we took--if anyone does. Enjoy and I will try my best to update more often! :)

the rehersal dinner...

Brynlee practiced being a flower girl...

February 10, 2009

This is my third post for tonight since I am playing catch up. I'm in the bedroom on the laptop and also watching some tv. Who knows how my line-up tonight ended up like this...but I started with this:

and now I am watching this:


I digress...I've been in our room for nearly 2 hours, and Steven hasn't come to see if I'm still awake or what I am doing. He is totally consumed...totally.

3 letters





Phillip & Kristin got us hooked and we aren't the only ones. Yes, that is Ninnie and Papa James playing tennis. Ninnie let it slip last time she was here that she had seen one on ebay for about $300. Really? Looking on ebay for a wii, are we? That would be totally cool!

When they say the wii is "fun for the entire family," it really is! From Ninnie to Brynlee, it's fun for everyone!

She would put her arm on mine and we would bowl together, but the best part was when Steven held both remotes and would bowl his blue ball and then also bowl Brynlee's pink ball ("pink becuase pink my favorite color. not blue. blue your favorite color") She would hold onto my arm and swing the nunchunk and got so excited when her ball would knock down pins!