September 26, 2008

This is it...I'm here to stay!

***After going back and forth between blogspot and wordpress, I'm done. This is our official blog. So to catch you up on my other posts, I've copied and pasted from the other blog...since there were to so many to paste over here ;)

(Originally posted on 9.20.2008)

Brynlee's birthday was September 15! She is officially a terrible 2 year old---well, ok. Not really. She is a smart kid though. I know, every parent says that. Brynlee really is smart. She is manipulative smart (she has an Uncle she might have gotten that from.)

Here's an example:

Bapaw: Brynlee dinner is ready. It's time to put up the tea party and go inside now.

Brynlee: NO!

Bapaw: Brynlee, we don't say "No!" Remember we didn't go to the mall today to ride the choo choo because you were yelling "No!" earlier. Can you tell Bapaw that you're sorry?

Brynlee: I'm fine, Bapaw.

Bapaw: Brynlee, I know you are fine. You yelled at me, remember? Can you tell Bapaw you are sorry?

Brynlee: I'm fine, Bapaw. Dinner ready.

We went to her 2 year check up yesterday. Everything is great. She is a perfectly "average" size child, except for when it comes to her head. She is in the 50th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight. Then the head--she is in the 90th percentile for her head. Should we be worried? Oh boy, here comes another year!

SEPTEMBER 15 2006:


SEPTEMBER 15 2007:


SEPTEMBER 15 2008:


(Originally posted on 9.19.2008)

I've decided to give this blog thing another try. See, I am inspired by an old friend of mine from college. She has an adorable 1 year old, is a law student, wife, daughter, and sister. Somehow, she finds time to blog--or "blahg." In a way, we are very similiar...except, I'm not a law student. Her "blahgs" are not only entertaining, but it is so fun to see pictures of her little boy. And that's the other thing. I love my Canon Xsi and will hopefully learn to be a better photographer with it and share those pictures with you. It's a way for you to see what happens with our life and to read my thoughts.

I've decided to leave you with a picture of our growing family. There are not only 3 of us. We eat with, sleep with, play with and go everywhere with... Percy, Gordon, Thomas, and Stanley. Life is good.


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