September 26, 2008

More than just a candle...

I know that looks like just a candle, but it's actually an APPLE CINNAMON me it is so much more. That is the official smell of autumn in our house. I love the cooler evenings, fall decorations, thoughts of Halloween costumes, and the approaching Christmas season. Yes I saidit, ChRiStMaS!!!!! It is my favorite time of the year. Only 89 days--14 hours--and 21 minutes, but who's counting? No, I didn't figure that out own my own... you can see the countdown here.

Another sign of fall around our place is baking. For some reason, I get totally in the mood to dust off the KitchenAid mixer (best wedding present ever!) and whip up some baked goodies. Last night it was PuMpKiN BrEaD! I altered the recipe and was unsure of how it would turn out... Don't you just hate that. It drives me crazy to think that I will spend all this time making something and could end up dumping it all in the trash can; atlhough, I didn't have to! The organic whole wheat flour substituion for flour was fine!

The finish product looked much better than the "in process" photo. Didn't your mom ever teach you not to judge a book by it's cover?

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