November 15, 2010

If I can ever find the cord to my little camera, then I will update here with pictures from my 60 mile walk. What an incredible experience! It was way harder than I expected. Way more rewarding than I expected. Way colder than I expected. And I hurt way more than I expected. But AS I expected, I signed up to do it again! Next year I will be walking in the San Diego Komen 3 Day Walk.

It was really an overwhelming experience. I was so grateful to my team members who all walked with me, and to my family who was there at the end to support me! Thank you!

Thought I'd share something really cool. In the midst of my walk, and the upcoming holidays...I have been really missing my Dad (he, like my Mom, would have been SO supportive and there to cheer me on) . Sometimes, I still---7 months later---think I am going to pinch myself and wake up. I read something today though, that I'm certain I will carry with me forever. It made quite an impact, maybe if needed you can share it with someone else. While we have a tendency to say we lost someone. You know, like I lost my Dad on April 12. Really, we never lost them if we know where they are. And I know with certainty that my Dad went home to be with Jesus on April 12. So while, I really do miss his presence here on earth, he'll never be lost.

Race for the Cure in Austin
November 1, 2009

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