August 15, 2009

Dear End of Summer:
Why are you here so quickly? I'm not even in school, and we don't have school aged children, but you have come way too quickly. Maybe it was all my time spent in school that makes the same certain 3 months of the year stand out as sun, fun, flip flops, and a cold one or two. Next time, please stay a little longer. I think you will make everyone in this household happier.


PS: We did find a way to cram alot in the past few months. Here's a quick recap.

We made our first trip to Sea World and of course, had to stop to ride the train in Landa Park in New Braunfels. All Aboard!

7th row to see Broadway's Across America Mamma Mia with my Mom...
what a show! We were singing and dancing in the aisles when it ended!

I got a new car and love it! But it has a temp on the nav screen and it said three-digit temps for over 50 days this summer! Heck!

Steven and I were able to attend a fantastic wedding in beautiful Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. Congrats Lacy and Brian! We made memories that week to last a lifetime!

Brynlee attended her first musical! She says she wants to sing and dance on a stage when she gets older like Dora! Watch out--- I believe it!

We've managed to squeeze in time to see some old friends, too!

Steven completed his first TRIATHOLON! He finished in the top 30% of the Jack's Generic Tri! Great job, babe! Brynlee and I are so proud!

he didn't finish alone. Kristin, Megan, and Scott also competed with him. I have to say they inspired me, and I plan to do it next year!

We felt the need for a quick getaway so we headed to Sea World again, but this time we stayed at the same hotel as the Dallas Cowboys for their training camp. Steven was happy! Below is Brynlee's AFTER picture ;)

This is how my Sundays are spent best, summer must you really be over?

We can't end it without a bang! Steven is going to Vegas in a few days to meet up with some friends. Steven and I have tickets to Wicked on August 25th on ROW A... then we are off to South Padre for 6 nights and back in time for my 10 year high school reunion. Only to follow it with Brynlee's THIRD birthday on September 15th. It can't be so!

Hope you enjoyed our WHIRLWIND of a summer! We sure have!

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