January 15, 2009

Update on MRI...

Last week Brynlee had an MRI to see if we could find anything causing her seizures. We were hoping, obviously, that we wouldn't...and we didn't. She had to have an anesthesia for the procedure, which was scary for us. She breathes in a gas until she falls asleep. Then they escort us out while they do the MRI which lasts about 30 minutes. After whe wakes up in recovery, they come and get us. So they nurse casually comes out and gets us and we start walking to Brynlee's room. "How is she?" I ask. "She's doing just fine. Already had an apple juice and watching Mickey on tv. She's not upset at all." Yep, that's Brynlee. We got to her little room and she is just watching tv and hanging out. Totally content. So it's time for us to get ready to go and the nurse has to remove her IV. Most toddlers would have been squirming like crazy as she was taking off the tape and pulling that thing out. Nope. Not mine. She said there quietly and watched. We have such an awesome child--so strong!
The end result was that her MRI was completely normal! She has not had a seizure since early November. We will continue her medicine until November 2010 and at that point, the doc will reevaluate her. Thank you for all your prayers.

I decided to end this post with a picture of her in her "hospissal dress" which she LOVES to wear. In fact, she wore it all day the other day at home.

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Catherine said...

Natalie--I just read this. I had no idea that Brynlee was having seizures? Thank God for a clear MRI, right? Maybe they were just fever-induced or something? I hope so. I will continue to keep her in my prayers. =)