October 16, 2008

It's a long (and sappy) one...

I wear many hats: a mother, a wife, a locator, a manager, a daughter, a sister, and yes, a friend.

Growing up I was a "social butterfly," as my Dad puts it. I was always going or doing with my friends. That pretty much continued until Steven and I got married. There is something that changes when you have kids. Your friends change. There are a certain set of friends that are my true friends and I really cherish their friendship. I've been thinking alot about friends lately....

Well, let's get real. (That's what blogging is about, right?) I have tried very hard and (hopefully) succeeded at most of my roles, except friend. Honestly, I've been a crappy friend. I often feel so tired or run down that I don't answer the phone or make time to see them. As with anything, the first step is admitting the problem, right? Well, I admit it! I need to put more effort into my friendships, and I can't wait! So in no particular order, I have a friendship "to do" list; not because I have to, only because I want to.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. ~Elisabeth Foley

I think that saying is so true of my friendships. With any of these very special people below, I am able to go days-usually weeks-without talking to them. When we do connect, it's like we haven't gone any days without speaking! I can't wait to schedule trips to see each of you, and for some, even meet your children or new babies!

Angie is my old college roomate and close friend. For living only 3 hours from each other we really don't see each other often enough (and our daughters need more palydates!) Mansfield or bust!

Melissa is another great friend who I really got to know in the past few years. She is expecting another and we haven't seen each other since December! That is jsut not acceptable! The Woodlands or bust!

Morgan is another friend that I love! She lives right around the corner and calls me ALL the time! I joke about it with her, but I am so glad she does! If she didn't, we wouldn't talk near enough.

Lacy is my Big City girl! She lives totally far away and we don't get to talk often, but we might get to see each other this weekend! I can't wait for her 10 days in Texas over Christmas! Plenty of time for great conversation over drinks!

Kristi is a friend from junior high. That's a looong time! I'm waiting for her to give Brynlee a playmate! hehehe ;)

Shae is another old roomate and one of my "newer" friends. Let's say we met as a friend of a friend (wink!) I'm real excited about the friendship our 2 families will have forever!

Chaney is another great friend who I can go forever without talking to...but really don't want to! She is due over Thanksgiving, and I got to see her baby bump this past weekend! Hopefully, we will get to meet Eli in late November!

Eryn is my high school best friend. We were inseparable in those days! We saw each other last at the end of 2006 which makes a get together well overdue!

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Kristi said...

natalie, i love your blog...you are so precious to me and yes, sometimes it is way long overdue! i can't wait to see you this wkend, and a long time over christmas break as well! love you, kristi