May 23, 2009

Blog Overload..but it's about time!

We are heading southbound 35 in a few days to take the little Miss to Sea World and spend a few days away! Her Papa Bill is coming to see her tomorrow and she is SOOOOO excited! We are too. We think he needs some destressing time!

May was an eventful month! May 12th is a pretty great guy's birthday! This year he turned 25! And I waslucky enough to get to share my real birthday with his birthday party! SURPRISE!
Now, it is another great little guy's birthday TOO! Noah Benjamen Seago was born at 12:54 and wweighed 8 lbs! His big sister is such a big helper! She even helped change his first diaper. I was so grateful that we live closer! Last time we had our babies, neither one of got to meet them till they were days/months old! We said that if we were closer next time we would not let that be the case! I was able to visit Noah when he was about 3 hours old and hold him too! Congratulations Seagos! We love all FOUR of you!

“I sing for joy at the works of Your hands.” - Psalm 92:4
On May 8th, I turned 28 years old---whoa---and I celebrated my 4th mother's day 2 days later! I haven't really been a mother for 4 years, but in 2006 I knew that I was expecting a baby--and we knew she would be Brynlee Ann. We just didn't know how much powerful personality she delight us with! FOr my birthday and mother's day, I got a FULL day at The Spa at Canyon Oaks! I can. not. wait. I was really excited to give Ninnie her presents too! Brynlee painted a plate and we had it fired and it turned out SO cute! If you remember this video, you will understand why I was so excited. Steven and I gave her 2 tickets to Mamma Mia by Broadway Across America! I can't wait---and I just so happen to be free that night, in case she needs a date. ;)

Back in April we went with some friends on a wine tour! The wineries were beautiful and the company was great! The limo...if that's what you call it was an experience! (We still love you Morgan!) It was a limo Dooly pick up truck...and at times it feel like the back of it was going to fall off. We got a kick out of it though---gave us something to chuckle about. Morgan thought it was "niiiice. cause i'm from paris ya'll."

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